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About us

Our nonprofit organization targets, in particular, young people, developing their personalities through the game of chess, which is possible in particular thanks to the intergenerational community our club highly values. We also appreciate the contributions made by the players born earlier. The younger learn from the older, and the less experienced learn from the masters.

The club is represented by nine teams currently competing in the following chess leagues: Eco-C League, 1st League B, 3rd League D2, 3rd League D3, 4th League D23 and 4th League D31. In the most prestigious chess league, the Šachy Reinter Club is represented by Czech and Slovak top chess players. In addition to these players, the club has been represented by other grandmasters, members of the national teams of the Czech Republic and Slovak Republic, a winner of the World Junior Chess Championship, a winner of the World Senior Chess Championship, medalists at the Slovak Junior Chess Championships, and so forth.

The club takes pride in its members. Therefore, the club’s talented pupils gradually get the chance to play. The first grandmaster from Slovakia, GM Ján Plachetka, once said: "Being young does not mean getting credit for ... ";
In the Reinter chess club, we know that victories do not come easy. We thus try to create conditions for developing young chess players in correlation with building a player community where all may find their place. It is up to the players themselves as to how much dedication they want to show to the game of chess. The general partner, Reinter s.r.o., provides considerable support to the most enthusiastic chess players. The future chess prospects are trained by coaches certified by the Slovak Chess Federation. Top Olympic prospects give lectures on chess. We also train future coaches and referees. We also organize Live Chess in the
cities where we train, namely Košice and Humenné.
Summer chess camps such as Phoenix Camp or Cosmic Castling Camp, organized for ten years now, are indisputable parts of the annual calendar. We respect and want to cherish traditions. Therefore, the entire team, comprising coaches and parents or club friends, takes part in various
open tournaments or events. A good feeling is always the most significant victory, and it is thepath we try to follow.